About Our Firm

Meyer, Ford & Glasser, PLLC, was formed in 1960 by Stephen Meyer.  Since that time the firm has become well known in West Virginia for handling both complex and more basic civil litigation.  Every lawyer in the firm has successfully handled cases worth in excess of $1,000,000.00.  We practice law using cutting edge technology but connect with our clients in a more traditional manner.  We keep our clients up to date on their cases.  We return phone calls.  We are always available to meet in person and spend the time needed so they are comfortable not only with the direction of their cases, but also, that they know the lawyers and paralegals working for them.  

We are a different kind of law firm.  We do not advertise.  Instead, all of our clients come from referrals from other attorneys and from past clients.  These people refer their complex cases to us because we take whatever time and effort is necessary to achieve results.  They also come back with other legal matters because unlike many law firms, we are a group of lawyers and staff that promote a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.  Every lawyer and most employees at the firm has been with the firm over 10 years.  We believe we have this consistency and lack of turnover for the same reason that lawyers and past clients refer us cases.  

Our firm focuses on traditional areas of the law as well as other areas that require knowledge and experience that few lawyers in the state possess.

For example, most law firms in the state have ceased taking medical malpractice cases as powerful special interest and lobbying groups promote what is called "tort" reform.  However, Larry Ford still takes these cases and obtains positive results for families injured by the medical negligence of health care providers.  He also continues to take the difficult and time consuming product liability cases that many other lawyers avoid.

Stephen Meyer is one of the few lawyers in West Virgnia who represents individuals in complex stockbroker malpractice and negligence cases.  He is the author of "The Trial Handbook for West Virginia Lawyers," which has been in constant publication with updates for over 20 years.

Michael Glasser has won several large multi family environmental cases against well known corporations that cared more about profit than the communities in which they operate.  Michael is also a licensed contractor, and applies his experience and knowledge from years running a construction company in complex construction litigation.  In addition, he maintains one of the largest lemon law practices in the state.

Sean Cook has won numerous complex employment law cases against some of the largest and best known organizations in the state.  He also takes civil rights, sexual discrimination and FOIA cases, all of which require detailed knowledge of complex statutes and case law.  Sean has been at the forefront of privacy issues in the law, as can be seen in his recent West Virginia Supreme Court victory, Tabata v. CAMC.

All of our lawyers also continue to handle the kind of serious personal injury cases that the firm has become well known for over the past 50 years.  

The firm owns and is located in the historic Washburn Building located at 120 Capitol Street.