Employment Law

The employment law practice at Meyer, Ford and Glasser is growing fast and increasingly becoming a focus of the firm.  Sean Cook concentrates his practice in employment law and has been experiencing great success. The firm represents employees who are the victims of wrongful termination, retaliation, or discrimination of any kind.  None of these types of actions can be tolerated in our state.  As Sean has said, "it is shocking to see see the rights of so many individuals being trampled in the workplace.  A job is not only the source of someone's income, it also provides people with dignity and confidence.  It gives me great pleasure to help assure someone a fair shot at work, and when employers fail to do that, to aggressively pursue the employees' rights in a court of law."

Our firm has received multiple million dollar and higher results for our clients, and we consistently show that no case is too big or too small when it comes to emplyees who have been victimized by their employers.  We have successfully pursued cases against employers as large as WalMart, and when necessary, large public institutions in our state, to situations as small as a few employee office.  These cases have been as different as a nurse being ordered by her employer to perform tasks for which she was not trained in order to maximize the office's profit at the potential expense of the patient, to employees who have been sexually harassed or denied promotion for illegal reasons.