Medical Malpractice

We take cases involving doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and other health care providers and facilities. These types of cases are very difficult due to the complexities of medical issues, and are further complicated due to the laws passed by the West Virgnia Legislature which have made it increasingly hard to recover from injuries caused by a medical care provider's negligence.  Because of these laws, fewer and fewer firms are willing to take on medical malpractice cases.  Most firms simply find them to be too complex and expensive to risk pursuing.  Our firm feels differently.  Over the years, we have developed excellent working relationships with experts in many areas of medical malpractice.  As a result, we can usually very quickly evaluate your case and let you know if we believe we can be successfull pursuing your case.  The lawyers in our firm have decades of experience in helping West Virginians injured through medical negligence.  

We have successfully pursued cases for people injured in nursing homes such as our client who was left in a scalding shower by nursing home staff.  She sufferred severe burns and we held the facility responsible for that negligent care.  We have held a primary care provider and an emergency room facilty responsible for allowing a patient with an easily recognized medical condition to go home rather than providing the care required. Because of those mistakes our client had to suffer through partial amputation of multiple fingers and toes.  We have also won many cases against federally run hospitals for sub standard care which resulted in terrible injury, and in some cases, death for patients.   We believe we have been able to get these results because of an intense focus on the facts of the cases, very hard work and caring about our clients.  We will never allow our firm to pursue a medical malpractice case with anything less than complete effort.  The cases and the impact on the families who have been hurt is too important.