Personal Injury

Our firm has been a "go to" place for injured West Virginians for over 50 years.  We think this has a lot to do with the continuity of our firm, with what we believe makes us a different kind of law firm, as well as the results we achieve for our clients.  This started with Stephen Meyer who began the firm in 1960.  Stephen, the author of the "Trial Handbook for West Virginia Lawyers" has tried over a hundred cases to verdict and continues helping people and producing results to this day.  Larry Ford has been with the firm since 1988.  Michael Glasser since 1999.  Sean Cook since 2009.  We all try cases and have handled hundreds of matters successfully for injured West Virginians.  We have won verdicts and reached settlements as small as a few thousand to into the millions.  

All of the lawyers at Meyer, Ford and Glasser have continued a culture at the firm that is well know not just by our clients, but by the lawyers and judges we encounter on a daily basis. We are not known for being desk pounders or screaming, or for being arrogant or unreasonable.  Instead, we treat our opponents respectfully and fairly and expect the same for our clients in return.  We believe this is the best way to begin a case, and if possible, to continue to the conclusion of the matter.  But if our clients are not treated fairly we will do whatever is right and necessary to get the results they deserve.  We want to win for our clients and work hard to make that happen.