Product Liability

When someone is injured due to a defectively manufactured product, the company which designed, manufactured or sold the item can be held responsible.  The lawyers at Meyer, Ford & Glasser have handled these types of case throughout the over 55 years we have been assisting injured West Virginians.  These cases can involve any type of product, from medical appliances to automobiles, and items used in the home.  As with the medical malpractice field of law, these cases are very technical in nature and require an experienced legal team to maximize the chance of success.  


One of the first things a firm must do when considering a products liability case is find qualified engineers and other experts who regularly work in many areas of product design and manufacturing. Because of our long history of handling these types of cases, our lawyers have longstanding relationships with experts who are absolutely essential to pursue a case.  Next, the firm which handles a products case must be willing to spend many hours of lawyer and staff time on these complex cases.  They are also very expensive to pursue.  If we take your case, we are committing to spend the time and resources needed to try and hold the company which caused harm to be responsible for the injury.